About Surface Ace, Inc.

Surface-Ace is an authorized dealer of Concrete Technology Inc (CTI), who perfected the technology and developed some of the finest commercially available products on the market to meet your needs. We have been professionally educated and trained by CTI in the use of advanced products and techniques.

We offer a cost-effective, durable and visually appealing solution as an alternative to demolition of your existing concrete. Problem concrete may be repaired and resurfaced, improving curb appeal, liveability and comfort of any concrete area in and around your home or business.


About Concrete Technology Inc. (CTI)

Concrete Technology Inc. manufactures a revolutionary coating designed to protect existing concrete while giving it the look, texture and color of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble or something unique to the homeowner. Founded in 1991, CTI has seen over 700% growth since opening its doors in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.

Concrete Technology’s products can withstand the most extreme climates. Freezing and thawing, salts and deicing agents, heat, sun and other elements that will normally deteriorate concrete over time have no effect on the Concrete Technology System.

CTI has been listed in INC magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America along with the Maddux report’s Fast 50 and Deloitte and Touche’s Technology 500. CTI has a network located throughout the United States as well as in 22 foreign countries and is comprised of the most successful business people in the U.S. today.